Nathan Fisher has been repairing guitars, banjos, mandolins, and ukuleles in Colorado Springs for over 25 years. He will gladly evaluate your instrument free of charge, explain any issues, and provide a detailed upfront quote.

Prices listed below should only be used as general guidelines. The actual cost of your repair may vary depending on a number of factors.

For the most accurate quote, please contact Nate to make an appointment at 622-0483 (landline, no texting available) or

All work is performed personally by Nathan Fisher in his professional home workshop. 

Setup & Playability

  • Full setup:$ 90- Includes restring neck adjustment, action adjustment at nut & saddle, check & tighten tuner screws & nuts, general inspection and light cleaning
  • Neck adjustment: $30
  • Heat straighten neck: $150
  • Replace nut: $ 90-150
  • Replace tuners: $60 (without cosmetic touch-ups)
  • Replace saddle: $40-90

Structural Repair

  • Body crack: $150 and up depending on size and severity
  • Broken headstock or neck: $140 and up depending on severity
  • Glue loose braces: $60+
  • Neck reset: $600+

Fret Work

  • Fret dressing: $60 - $100
  • Full re-fret: $350 (with binding add $70)
  • Partial re-fret $160-280
  • Stainless steel fret wire: $450-500

Pickup Installation

Pickup installation runs $120 - $160 depending on the pickup. I am an authorized dealer for  L.R. Baggs. I also install other makes and models of pickups with 20+ years experience. 


  • Strap button: $25